Relax…it’s in the bag – Part 4 – The back-up camera


Part 4 of a series of blog posts exploring what essential pieces of kit I keep in my bag and how each item helps to promote your brand.

Sometimes – despite all the planning and preparation in the world – things can go wrong and a camera can malfunction, get dropped or become damaged during a shoot. That’s why it’s important to carry a back-up at all times.


The Canon 7D is never far away in my kit bag; ready and waiting to step-in should my 5D fail on me (touch wood this hasn’t happened yet). However, the 7D is far from just a back-up camera as it has some really great features of its own and in some areas even outshines my main camera.

Here are few reasons why the 7D can handle anything during our photoshoot;

Awesome focussing – the 7D is far superior when it comes to focussing for action shots as it has a wide range of focus settings to choose from. It produces sharp shots of fleeting moments that can be missed in the blink of an eye.

Custom functions – as with the 5D, I can assign particular functions to a range of controls on the 7D and so this means I can easily switch from one camera body to the other and shoot just as quickly and comfortably with each camera.

Lightweight – with a slightly smaller sensor than the 5D, my 7D is lightweight and easy to handhold which means I can happily lug it around on a shoot; whether around my neck being used or tucked up safely in my kit bag as a spare.

Multi-lens compatibility – You may have already read my previous blog post in this series all about my different lenses and how they help me get great shots during our shoots. These lenses work just as effectively with my 7D as they do with the 5D so whatever camera body is in use – we can still get a diverse set of images.

essex-photographer (3 of 4)

What this means for you. 

Peace of mind. Knowing that I have a back-up camera means you don’t have to worry that your shoot will be cancelled last minute or end prematurely due to kit failure.  It also means high quality images are guaranteed regardless of which piece of kit I use.

essex-photographer (2 of 4)

So if you’re looking for a relaxed and fun-filled headshot or portrait shoot or are on the hunt for a reliable event or product photographer please get in touch. I’d love to use my skills and my ever-growing kit bag to help you to promote your business, skills or products.

Have a great week.


07590 520539

Relax…it’s in the bag – Part 4 – The back-up camera

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